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  • New GtS post: Studying the Languages #
  • 12seconds – Good morning snow. #
  • I feel like my twitter is turning into one big weather report. But come on, I just moved from FL to WA! Cut me some slack. #
  • Bus ride into work taking WAY longer than normal… And my laptop battery is dead… And I want coffee… complain, complain, complain. #
  • 12seconds – Going to the bank in the snow. #
  • Spoke to a reporter from MSNBC today about adult children who can’t visit family over holiday. She interviewed my mom too. Sorry mom :) #
  • Anytime I see snow, my inner redneck shows up and I want to call Dan to go do doughnuts. #
  • 12seconds – Cold walk home. #
  • 12seconds – Just about dinner time. #
  • Arg… 2 hours later and still haven’t started the WORK I came up here to do. #
  • @philgons Ok, but I was planning on bringing in Wagyu Beef sandwiches tomorrow… but since you’re passing… in reply to philgons #
  • The Daily Burns – Snow Day #
  • As the grateful dead said – what a long strange trip its been… #
  • @human3rror dude! it’s 2:42 over there… in reply to human3rror #

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