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  • The Daily Burns – Twitter Updates #
  • @philgons this isn’t facebook. No need to start sentences with is… Hey, I just passed your house. in reply to philgons #
  • After having a headache all day yesterday, I decided to give myself an extra hour of sleep this morning. very happy with the decission. #
  • 12seconds – Birthday lunch. #
  • @aaronsauer I believe he is home working on his dissertation. PhD candidates have all the fun, right? in reply to aaronsauer #
  • REALLY cool things I probably WON’T be getting for Christmas – #
  • @o1mnikent You on the radar now… twitter and a blog… I never knew! in reply to o1mnikent #
  • Weekend goals: play with kids in snow, go shopping, work on 3 websites, turn 31, drink some good wine, chill with my wife, eat a good burger #
  • So happy to be home and starting my weekend. Feeling relaxed and ready for fun. #

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