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  • New GtS post: The Seminary Student’s Guide to the Library #
  • Bus never showed up this morning… LAME. Thankfully @philgons is going to give me a ride to work. Not a good start to Monday. #
  • I REALLY wish I still had my jeep! #
  • The Daily Burns – Liver Club #
  • Walking uphill 6 blocks in the snow to shop at a grocery store you’ve never been in while trying to make a bus connection at 5… Difficult. #
  • @philgons made it just fine. Thanks. See you in the mornin. in reply to philgons #
  • Slightly nervous as I decided to take a bus I’ve never taken before… Seriously hope this works out. #
  • Looks like my bus choice was not so good. #
  • @philgons ended up on the 331. Took 40 minutes to get to cordata. Made my connection by less than 1 minute. in reply to philgons #
  • @philgons Easiest $6 you’ll ever make… in reply to philgons #
  • The Daily Burns – Twitter Updates #

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  1. btw – jamie also does much of his shopping on Christmas eve – because of the no crowds thing. It really is a great time to shop :)