Twitter Updates for 2008-06-11

  • Just trying out Twitter for the first time… #
  • Testing twitter from my phone. #
  • @edstetzer Thanks for all the hard work! I joined twitter today after following your page yesterday. Keep on twitting. #
  • enough playing with twitter… Asher and Jenn headed home from swimming lessons, then I’m off to library for more reading. #
  • ok… finally off to library for more reading. #
  • Coughing guy is here again. Someone is sitting in my cube. The day may be lost… #
  • oh, and coughing guy is coughing already and it is neither raining nor late afternoon… all theories from yesterday are off the table. #
  • – My library cube. #
  • Very happy to be finished with “Hunting the Divine Fox.” Talk about a interesting book. I’m sure it’ll make for good discussion in class. #
  • Good day at the library… many pages read and answers written… many more to go tomorrow. For now, heading home for dinner. #

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