Twitter Updates for 2008-07-18

  • Universal studios today. Eating breakfast and then packing backpack. #
  • Just found out my camera battery didn’t charge last night. Great start. #
  • Ok, out the door. Stop for gas, water, and sun block… Still mad about camera. #
  • Went back to the house to get jogging stroller. On our way, again. #
  • We’re here. #
  • – Rollin into the park. #
  • Univeral scans your finger print to get in… Creepy. Very big brother. #
  • Had some ticket drama… Made it in though. #
  • How tall is asher anyway? #
  • – Ahhh, shark… #
  • – He’s this tall. #
  • – Watching the animals. #
  • Monkey turns on TV. Asher, very excited says, “he did it” #
  • – Asher and dad in line for ET. Jenn and Grace at play area. #
  • In the pre ride holding area. Finally in AC. Feels amazing. #
  • Walking through the woods of ET. #
  • Front row bike seats. Score. #
  • – Flying #
  • Just met up with jenn and grace. Now waiting to see Barney. Grace is dancing to the music. #
  • Using my imagination to open the door to Barney. #
  • Lots kids chanting Barney… Creepy. #
  • Kids playing in Barney’s playground. Having lots of fun. #
  • – Grace at barneys playground. #
  • – Time to break for lunch. #
  • Lunch finished. Sun screen applied. Water refilled. Back out to play. #
  • Asher and I going to ride woody roller coaster. Jenn and grace going to Curious George land. #
  • No shade in the line… In direct sun standing still… Wow it is hot. Asher not complaining at all. #
  • – I just got shot in the head. #
  • – Asher brings the pain. #
  • – Florida afternoon rolling in. #
  • In line for Sherk movie. #
  • – Waiting in style. #
  • Time for sherk. #
  • Leaving universal. Heading to island of adventure. #
  • Ticket issues again. Heading to guest services. #
  • Tickets fixed. Heading back in as soon as the ladies return from the potty. #
  • Jenn and Asher going to coaster. Grace and I gdyting on carosel. Yeah, I spelled that wrong. #
  • Feeling a little motion sick. #
  • – Me and my girl riding a pink cow bird thing. #
  • Finally about to ride something we are all allowed on. some cat in the hat ride. #
  • Just realized I’m at Disney with my kids… It is a big “dad” milestone. And yes I know this isn’t “Disney” #
  • Now entering Jurassic park. Asher excited. #
  • We’re lost in Jurassic park. #
  • Grace asleep is stroller. Sager and I found dinosaurs. #
  • Asher won the quiz game. #
  • – Asher made a dino using his DNA. #
  • – Asher Ryan and trex #
  • – Snoozer #
  • Jenn and Asher going on the flying fish. Me and sleeping beauty are sitting near by. #
  • – Too cute snoozer. #
  • – Waking up slightly grumpy. #
  • – Fish watching. #
  • – Mom and asher fish get wet. #
  • Potty break and then dinner. Decided to stay as long as Asher holds out. We’re all having lots of fun. #
  • I see: peter frampton’s guitar, Michael stipe’s hat, Freddie mercury’s jump suit, and something cher “wore.” where are we eating? #
  • A: what are those guys? R: rockers. A: what do they do dad? R: they rock. #

One thought on “Twitter Updates for 2008-07-18

  1. Hi Jen!
    Jessie here.
    I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately. Hope all is well over your direction. I read over some of my class notes today and realized how much I miss those Thursday mornings! :(

    I’d still love to meet with you sometime and get all your healthy eating/living tips. ;)

    P.S. I don’t think I ever told you the name of that homeschool curriculum. It’s called “Five in a Row.”