Twitter Updates for 2008-08-20

  • Slept crazy hard last night. Stress is wearing me down big time. Oh, Fay left a giant tree limb in our yard. The boom It woke me at 11p.m. #
  • @jakebelder Campus closed today. Email in your inbox. #
  • @stevekmccoy @joethorn Will you two actually talk on the trip or just twitter back and forth the whole way? #
  • Apparently drinking 98 cups of coffee would kill me: #
  • I’m listening to Christmas music while working. #
  • @jakebelder think it is in one sitting… unless you’re already dead… #
  • @johndyer Nice! I could see it integrating into the site nicely… linking to titles available in logos. could be helpful to logos users. #
  • Trying to force myself to relax. Listening to the blues, having a Stella, and watching the rain. #
  • I don’t think it is possible to relax when you have two kids under 4 awake. #

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