Twitter Updates for 2008-08-21

  • Talking on Skype with lead pastor of #
  • LOTS of rain and wind last night. Fay is camping out on us right now. #
  • Just spent over an hour trying to decide on what flights I want between orlando and seattle. #
  • … and finally booked the hotel… currently debating on getting a rental car. #
  • ok… will try priceline again an a day or two and see if I can’t get a better deal on a rental car. They didn’t take my $20 a day bid. #
  • Office max, bank, target, library, gas station, home, then off to destin for the weekend. #
  • Just installed twitterberry on my phone. Getting cds from library for road trip. #
  • ok… packing up office then and loading the van… then off to drive through the remains of a tropical storm for the next 6 hours. #

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