Twitter Updates for 2008-08-27

  • Heading home. Very tired. Need to pack. Early flight tomorrow. #
  • 6 am and I’m ready to head out the door and off to the airport. Not entirely looking forward to the very long flight from FL to WA. #
  • Airport security was a breeze. That’s a good way to start the trip. Would really like some coffee now. #
  • Attempts to get a first class upgrade have failed. I watched a show once that said you should always ask for an upgrade. #
  • Looking at the teenage girl listening to her iPod next to her mom over there reminds me that grace will one day be that teenager. #
  • People are so funny about boarding the plane. They haven’t called a single row and there is already a mob near the gate. #
  • Ha! Gate agent just got onto the mob about not following her instructions. #
  • On the plane. Good thing – bulkhead with extra leg room. Bad thing – middle seat. #
  • Flying over the Rockies without a window seat is killing me. Also, wonder if twittering in the air a violation of FAA rules? #
  • – Beautiful. #
  • Spent over an hour in a holding pattern. 15 minutes on the tarmac. Sprinting across airport. Breathing hard. Heart about to explode. #
  • I’m here. Time to grab rental car and run over to my hotel. That was a lot of flying. #
  • You might be at a small town airport if cars are parked unattended at the terminal. As in 8 cars unattended. #
  • Nicest best western 3lve ever seen. Very surprised. #
  • – It is go time. #

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