Twitter Updates for 2008-09-18

  • – I think my hard drive just died. Not good. #
  • I am very displeased with comcast… sheesh #
  • All utilities in WA set up (check) All utilities in FL canceled (check) For Rent sign in the yard (check) #
  • WHY would you order something online and then have to go to a 10 minute ‘chat’ session to confirm. Comcast is stupid. #
  • After complaining, the agent replies “Unfortunately a computer is not advanced enough yet to set up new accounts in our billing system.” #
  • @stevekmccoy avoid comcast if you can #
  • FL temp this week = H 87, L 71 WA temp this week = H 68, L 50 (I love WA already!) #
  • Going to grab coffee with @jakebelder at Stardust. Then I plan on making a packing plan of attack. #
  • – Seems like a strange “selling point” #

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