Twitter Updates for 2008-11-18

  • Walking home and when I passed the physical rehab center at front of neighborhood I smelled pot. Do you think the user has a doctors note? #
  • SO many things I want to do online… ARG! When will I ever have time! Doesn’t help that I have like 10 sites I run to varying degrees. #
  • Also doesn’t help that the rest of the world keeps making cool websites, blogs, wp plugins, wp themes, and SEO discoveries while I’m at work #
  • I officially have a problem… I just checked twitter while brushing my teeth… #
  • 8 years ago at this moment, I was standing in a square in Savanah GA. I was wearing a black suit. #
  • 8 years ago at this moment I heard the distant clip-clop of horses approaching. My heart beat increases… #
  • 8 years ago at this moment, the most beautiful girl I know stepped out of a white carriage and took her father’s arm. She’s nt wearing shoes #
  • 8 years ago this moment, I held hands with the woman I was about to vow before God and man to love all my living days. I smile and tear up #
  • 8 years ago at this moment, I said “I do.” Thankfully, so did she! #
  • Having lunch with this guy: #

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