Twitter Updates for 2008-11-25

  • Packing up to head home for the day. Found out today that I get Turkey day AND Friday off! @BobPritchett – my wife & kids thank you! #
  • Bus is standing room only tonight. What’s up with that? Always funny to see people who would rather stand then sit next to someone. #
  • Got to admit, the Bellingham bus drivers are always so nice, polite, and helpful. Sad that I’m surprised when service industry ppl r nice. #
  • @draft13 Yes… but bias doesn’t mean I’m wrong. ;o) #
  • – Need a laugh? Yup, I’m at walmart to buy one of these. #
  • – Winner! First in the hood to decorate for Christmas. #
  • @logos If you’re not using you’re account, would you consider releasing it? #
  • Why does Pepsi own Bellingham? Is there not any resturant in Bellingham where I can get some coke love? Sheesh! #

One thought on “Twitter Updates for 2008-11-25

  1. I have also noticed the super niceness of the bus drivers. not only to me & our enormously cute kids (i mean, how could anyone be mean to them?), but to other passengers. Last week the driver said something that sounded a little snarky, but either it wasn’t or he just slipped up, b/c he was immediately explaining his statement loud enough for everyone to hear.

    I’ve also had consistent super duper niceness at (the somewhat ghetto feeling) Costcutters, and in 2 situations they went “above & beyond” in my opinion, to help me out.