Twitter Updates for 2008-11-27

  • Sweet! Downtown has some Christmas lights up. Love it! #
  • Looks like jenn perped a mad feast for tomorrow Wish we had family or friends up here to share it with. Sad. #
  • Bus was almost empty tonight so we made great time. Downside is I now have to wait in the cold for my connecting bus. 4c is cold. #
  • Hired to help with a project. She’s a rockstar ninja! If you need a designer for anything, look no further. #
  • Was up till 1:30 working on a project. Thankful I don’t have to work. All tweets today must use derivative of thank in them. Wanna play? #
  • – You know what that means… #
  • – Thanks oma and opa. #
  • – Chefs tasting. #

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