Twitter Updates for 2008-12-05

  • Good day. No migraine and my Mac is out of the shop! Looking forward to GTS work after kids go to bed & jenn goes 2 ladies bible study. #
  • Asher has a 101.1 temp. He’s so chill when he is sick. I don’t think he’s moved an inch since dinner. Some sleep should do him some good. #
  • – Time to see if timemachine on Mac is as great as claimed. #
  • – Cross your fingers and say a prayer. #
  • 37 Mac minutes left… #
  • @edstetzer easy choice… Cult. However, I’m currently installing a new harddrive because I got the question mark folder of death. #
  • Apparently Mac minutes don’t translate into any form of real human time. 26 mapple minutes remaining. HT @human3rror for the simpsons tip. #
  • Crap, apparently in apple’s time continuum time can be both subtracted and added before your very eyes… I’m going downstairs. #
  • – This means absolutely nothing. #
  • Longest “less than a minute remaining” e v e r. #
  • – We’ll call it close enough… Few things missing, but better than a total loss. #
  • hmmm… all my old emails got lost in the HD transition… not horrible, but unpleasant none the less. #
  • @jakebelder isn’t the east coast asleep right now? #
  • New GtS post: Seminary Student Spotlight – John Saddington #
  • @jakebelder I didn’t see anything about a GTS post on that list… Interesting. #
  • @jakebelder no, just no time to work with it. Long to-do list this weekend… Maybe I can tackel it on the bus next week. #

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