Twitter Updates from 2009-01-15

  • New GtS post: Belaboring a Point Well Taken . . . or is it? #
  • Arg… GTS is loading REALLY slowly. No good. #
  • The Daily Burns – That Time of Year #
  • The Daily Burns – Let’s Try This Again #
  • Just got REALLY tired. Let us see if coffee will help. #
  • – Tired, cold, and waiting on a bus. #
  • Should I shave my head tonight? The twitterverse shall decide. Reply to me with a yes or no. Most votes in the next hour win. #
  • For clarification, I’ll be shaving with a 1/8 inch guard. So, not bald, but darn close. #
  • @lenflack your vote for me to shave my head is like me voting for people to use @logos. I’ll count it none the less. in reply to lenflack #
  • Asher just asked me to pretty, pretty, please shave all his hair too. #
  • – The twitterverse has spoken. #
  • The Daily Burns – Twitter Updates from 2009-01-14 #

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