Twitter Updates from 2009-01-23

  • I spend the first half of my bus ride catching up with all you east coast ppl. By the time I get my first coffee you’re tweeting bout lunch. #
  • Dude on the bus just broke out a bacon, egg, and cheese bagle. Great, now I’m craving some serious breakfast. #
  • rt @lenflack White House staff geeks feel like they have gone “from an Xbox to an Atari.” #
  • I think my water to coffee ratio was off today. Need to pound a glass of h20 when I get home. Feeling kind of gross. #
  • – Tis a wee bit foggy out. #
  • @jvannoord so… I should find another font? in reply to jvannoord #
  • The Daily Burns – Is the Navy Lying? #
  • The Daily Burns – Twitter Updates from 2009-01-22 #

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