Twitter Updates from 2009-01-24

  • New GtS post: Financial Aid #
  • My wonderful wife made me a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich for breakfast… @jenn_burns FTW! #
  • 10 minutes ago I could see the mountains in the distance… Now I can’t even see 100 yards away. What is up with the fog in bellingham? #
  • Apparently my breakfast sandwich was just twitter bait… @jenn_burns is a marketing genius. #
  • @BobPritchett do you use tweetdeck or twitterfox? Those would help with the twitter mindset. in reply to BobPritchett #
  • @jakebelder which prof? in reply to jakebelder #
  • RT @logos – TODAY ONLY: 45% off Carl Henry’s – God, Revelation and Authority – (Use code HENRY45) #
  • Looks like Christianity Today’s website had an advertising grenade explode on it. Sheesh. #
  • lunch break… cold fried chicken… score! #
  • Abortion seriously pisses me off. Maybe Obama should read Horton Hears a Who (a persons a person, no matter how small) – #
  • Lunch over: Chicken made me very happy, Obama made me very mad. Alas, I must get back to work. #
  • Listening to techno and the esv together while working. #
  • Saw a glimpse of the sunset over the bay and was reminded of my dream to live in a home with a view. #
  • It smells like fried bologna out here… Which reminds me I need to buy a grill… But not to fry bologna on. #
  • I’m really looking forward to the weekend! When I told Asher that I’d be home tomorrow morning, he lit up! He loves when I don’t have to wrk #
  • The Daily Burns – Twitter Updates from 2009-01-23 #

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