Twitter Updates from 2009-02-06

  • Dang it! Left my lunch at home this morning. Hate stoping work to go eat… and buying lunch while trying to kill debt. Arg. #
  • Man! The line for coffee is 5 people deep. I guess pulling the fire alarm would be bad form. #
  • RT @whatcomcounty – Official: 2nd Bellingham Tweet Up Thurs 2/12 @ Boundary, 4:30 PM @BoundaryBay donating swag! See you there #bhamtweetup2 #
  • I think I might go to my first tweetup – @jvannoord, @philgons, @o1mnikent wanna join me? #bhamtweetup2 #
  • – Score! #
  • Trying to help my mom get on skype… her old computer, questionable internet, and windows aren’t helping the situation. #
  • if i had the money i’d buy her a mac! #
  • @stringo0 _ doesn’t run on osX. Thanks though. Tried it. in reply to stringo0 #
  • Need to control my mom’s windows machine from my mac. Twitterverse, please help! #
  • @stringo0 yeah, I saw that… when I signed up and tried to run it, it said I needed “Win32-based operating system” to run in reply to stringo0 #
  • @stringo0 Yeah, it won’t let me even run it on my mac. I get that win32 error. Alas, the time is passed anyway. Thanks though. in reply to stringo0 #
  • uh… REALLY? #
  • The Daily Burns – Twitter Updates from 2009-02-05 #

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