Twitter Updates from 2009-02-11

  • @DanPritchett2 I knew you couldn’t resist the power of the twitterverse! Also, sorry to hear about the curry casualty. in reply to DanPritchett2 #
  • Migraine was rough yesterday. Meds helped, but going to bed at 8:30 was what I needed. Feeling better today. Good b/c lotta work 2 get done. #
  • New GtS post: Seminary Papers – Two Cent Tuesday #
  • According to my twitter math @human3rror slept about an hour last night. Seriously, what is an average nights sleep for you? #
  • Uh… It is snowing. #
  • Coffee and Stavesacre are a great mix to get fired up for the day. My task list doesn’t stand a chance against this tag team. #
  • @philgon: “I hate print” #
  • – Sorry @jenn_burns. #
  • I drive @philgons crazy #
  • @jakebelder how’s class with DrK? #
  • New GtS post: Web Stats and Things That Don’t Really Matter #
  • @philgons I doubt it was you who broke zotero. It was probably @sphil_hons in reply to philgons #
  • Wow. I just spent way too much time working on that joke. Dang it I get distracted easily… and I have a 5th twitter account to manage now. #
  • RT @philgons: @ryan_burns Ha! Dude, that’s hilarious! // WHEW! Thought the gag could go either way. Sphil does have ravishing locks. in reply to philgons #
  • Anyone tried the WP plugin WP125? Looking for light and easy ad manager for WP with click tracking. Nothing fancy. #
  • WP125 is NICE. My needs are ‘slightly’ more complex, but I REALLY like the simplicity. #
  • Oh, hack-a-licious! bingo WP125 is here to stay. #
  • @Jenn_Burns tech-support is currently experiencing high call volume. Perhaps @sphil_hons can help. in reply to Jenn_Burns #
  • @Jenn_Burns and you wonder what I do up here at night… “working” in reply to Jenn_Burns #
  • hostican – I still hate you. #
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One thought on “Twitter Updates from 2009-02-11

  1. your lucky excedrin works for you. it doesnt work for me anymore. and it makes my heart race like mad. ahhh!