Twitter Updates from 2009-02-13

  • @philgons yes. #
  • New GtS post: How Important is a Campus Visit? #
  • I’m seriously craving Rocket Doughnuts. It is a place to get doughnuts, not a type of doughnut. Can I borrorw a couple bucks? #
  • Bank of America.I’ve been a customer for >3mo & deposited the same check every 2 weeks, pls trust that it will clear and make it available. #
  • BoA is lame. #
  • RT @whatcomcounty – 2nd Bellingham Tweet Up Today 2/12 @ Boundary, 4:30 PM @BoundaryBay donating swag! See you there #bhamtweetup2 #
  • Day has not gone as planned. Also pretty bummed that none of my friends at Logos want to hang out after work at #bhamtweetup2 #
  • Made a bad checking account error today. Been a LONG time since that happened (think 10 years). This should be interesting… #
  • Today has just been strange. Nothing horrible happened, but not a good day in the traditional sense… whatever that means. #
  • Thinking bout how much I love my wife & kids and what a crazy journey we’ve had these 8 yrs. Praying how 2 encourage a fella about 2B a dad. #
  • The Daily Burns – Twitter Updates from 2009-02-12 #

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