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  • 12seconds – Blizard in bellingham. #
  • 12seconds – Driving in blizzard #
  • Home safe… it got real bad, real fast. I love living somewhere where it snows. Ok, 2.5 hours past kids bedtime. Let’s do this. #
  • I’ve noticed today that when I go out in the bitter cold my hip starts to hurt… arg. #
  • The Daily Burns – Twitter Updates for 2008-12-13 #
  • New GtS post: Book Review: Tactics by Gregory Koukl #
  • 12seconds – Asher and grace’s first snow. #
  • – Happy snowman to everyone. #
  • The Daily Burns – Asher and Grace‚Äôs First Snow #
  • New GtS post: Free Stuff at Bible Geeks #
  • 12seconds – Knock, Knock with Asher. #
  • 12seconds – I have no idea… #
  • 12seconds – Immm cccccoldddd #
  • Ok, mental note… Gloves and a scarf tomorrow… And probably long Johns. Wow, that was painfully cold. #
  • Correction. I checked the weather after my fingers thawed and it is apparently -7C and feels like -17C. With wind from the NNE at 42-67 km/h #
  • I think the bus is drivig on a giant sheet of ice… Everyone else seems calm… Always fun when “normal” gets redefined. #
  • The Daily Burns – Quick reftagger test in 2.7 #
  • Seriously, ever since the temp went to 0C and below, my hip has been killin me! #
  • The Daily Burns – Family Worship #
  • Whoa! Almost missed the bus… First day it has been on time in weeks. #
  • Mental note *add warm jacket to Christmas list. This old navy deal isn’t going to cut it. #

One thought on “Twitter Updates

  1. mmmm! and this is the guy who “loved” the cold, and would run around Va. in just his shirt and pants and a hat! It is either really cold there or someone is getting older :). take a few notes from your wife and keep bundled up on these days :).