two cent movie review

3.5 Crockpots on a 4 crockpot scale.

I took Jenn to see this flick on our last date night. After grabbing some burgers at Red Robin (bacon, egg, cheese, onion straws, bbq sauce, and tobasco burger!!!) we headed to the movie. The crowd was thin, which is always nice and we got good seats in front of the rail even though the previews had already started. Thinking this was just another under-dog movie (ie. Miracle, or that one about the high school baseball coach who had a 98 mph fastball) I was thoroughly pleased with the depth of the movie.

Chronicling the trials of 7 black men playing division I basketball in the mid 60′s, this film was an excellent balance of nail biting basketball games and the harsh reality of the challenges that this team encountered on their trip to becoming the 1966 Nation Champs.

I haven’s seen many movies in the past couple years worth recommending, however Glory Road is a definite exception. As a bonus, stick around during the credits and you will actually get to hear what some of the real life players on the ’66 team have to say about their experience.

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