Two turntables and a microphone

I was talking to Raymond Goodlett last night about a church plant called Epiphany Fellowship in downtown Philadelphia that is working to take the gospel to those in the hip-hop culture. Looking into what these guys are doing is really amazing.

I stumbled across this video below and was blown away. This is apparently from an outreach that the church put together. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen, personally at least, such a great example of taking the unchanging gospel and expressing it in the language and culture you are trying to reach. I look at these guys and think that this is exactly the see the same passion that drove CT Studd and the Cambridge 7 to take on the traditional Chinese dress, customs, and language in order to take the gospel to inland china (a revolutionary approach in those days).

If you have the time, watch this video. Regardless of whether or not you like hip-hop, this video is worth the watch. Listen to how these guys are preaching the good news of salvation in Christ alone… I was honestly moved to tears during the last minute of this video. The passion of this presentation is amazing. I think that more preachers should take a cue from this guy and preach with the passion and clarity that this guy raps. Take a peek and let me know what you think:

2 thoughts on “Two turntables and a microphone

  1. i went to this church this sunday (today actually).

    I would move to philly just to go here, seriously.