two years of two cents…

So, little did you know, but yesterday thetwocentcrockpot celebrated two years of slow cooking goodness. That’s right, two years ago yesterday, thetwocentcrockpot was born.

Well, for those who haven’t been with us for the whole two years, here are some of our highlights:

In the two years I’ve reviewed a few books posted some random thoughts and offered more than a few cents on theology.

In the two years I’ve talked a great deal about coffee. There was the infamous brugo saga (part 2, part 3) that consumed far too much of my life. I found some coffee I really liked. I even had coffee with the Governor… well, sort of.

I celebrated the birth of my daughter, shared the humor of my son, and celebrated my beautiful wife.

It has been a fun two years and I look forward to a few more down the road. So, for those who wonder, “what exactly should I get a blog on its birthday?” the answer is simple. How about a comment… just let us know you’re there and love us.

Here’s to two more years… Cheers.

3 thoughts on “two years of two cents…

  1. I was away from the computer yesterday…and suffered some withdrawal symptoms. Anyway, happy belated birthday crockpot. I’m looking forward to savoring some more slow cooked goodness.

  2. This is a bit belated, but happy birthday, twocent!Hope year 3 is filled with even more profound ponderings and amusing anecdotes. =)