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The Reformation: How a Monk and a Mallet Changed the World

I picked this book up on a whim and have been rather pleased with the purchase. For those who want to get a gist of the Reformation by looking at some of its key figures, then this book is for you.

Beginning with Martin Luther and the 95 thesis, Nichols take you through a myriad of moments, documents, and people surrounding initial years of the Reformation.

One thing that I enjoyed about this book was that it was really approachable. This book in not intended to be an in depth study of the reformation, but rather a really great introduction for the every-day-joe. It was an enjoyable and easy pre-bedtime read.

In all, I’d really recommend this book for anyone who in interested in understanding the Reformation but doesn’t want to read a graduate level book. This book is approachable, understandable, and enjoyable. Well worth checking out.

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