twocent note to self…

I just took some NyQuil, so no telling how coherent this one might be…

I don’t know about you, but, on occasion, I have the tendency to judge my life by other people. For example… I look around at other people I admire and think, “what all did they accomplish before they turned 30?” The answer is typically much more than I have accomplished in the same span of time (though I do have 10 months left to catch up).

I guess the two sides of the coin are:
heads – I’m am inspired and challenged to work harder to be the man I want to be.
tails – I’m not supposed to be the people I admire… I’m just supposed to be me.

I think I was most impacted in this area by something I read by Josh Harris (no, not I Kissed Dating Goodbye). In an interview he was asked what he thought was the greatest challenge facing young church planters today. His answer was, “Mark Driscoll.” He went on to explain that Mark is an amazing individual and has done and is doing some very amazing things with church planting. But Harris went on to explain that so many young church planters look at Mark and think, “yeah, I want to be that.” When, as Harris put it, “the world couldn’t handle two Mark Driscolls.”

The thing is, we each have our lives to live. I’m not Mark Driscoll. I’m not John Piper. I’m not Robert Greene. I’m not Raymond Goodlett. Looking at these guys (and many others) should not make we want to be more like them… rather I look at these guys and actually want to be a better me.

May God help me.

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