Grace was doing great regarding potty training for a month or so….a few accidents here & there, but usually no more than 1 every few days, and always in the evening for some reason. then this past weekend she suddenly decided she has all but forgotten about the toilet. I’ve been beside myself trying to figure out what the deal is. Finally today, as I was cleaning up yet another accident she said, “Diaper me, like Skye”. Skye is my sweet little 2+ month old niece that I’ve been babysitting. Makes sense as she’s also wanted to be held more and that sort of thing. When Skye is around she’s never acted “jealous” in the slightest and just coos & oohs & ahhs & plays really sweet with her, so I never suspected anything.

But i suppose it’s one of those “reverting” things I was warned so much about when I trained Asher prior to Grace being born. He never did revert in that manner (just threw constant screaming fits at the slightest inconvenience to him)….sigh. Right now she’s in a diaper. I can’t take it anymore….

we’ll see what tomorrow brings. Just thought i’d update in case anyone was using us as a “that’s the way we’ll do it b/c it’s sooo successful for them”… now you know “the rest of the story”. ;)

This too shall pass….I know someday she’ll be completely potty independent…..someday….

6 thoughts on ““Uncle”

  1. Yes one day she will be potty trained, even though at this time to you it almost seems imposable. Remember your sister was about 3 before she finly cooperated. and with all else going on in your life right now I wouldn’t be that concerned with potty training.

  2. Ahh … yes, I remember this happening with 3 of 4 of my kids. It’s kind of par for the course … I think.

    One of these days, you won’t be able to remember the last accident :)

  3. I was always told how hard boys are to potty train and how easy girls are, but talking with friends that have boys I think those other people are crazy. Can I just say now you know how I have felt…J/K :) Just think you only have one girl I’m working on #3 girl and it is not any easier. I know she won’t be able to go to Kindergarden cuz she is still going to be in diapers:) Speaking of the devil she just came out telling me she pooped…Yah me. Well I gotta go. Love ya!

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