Update From the Bus

It has been a while since I’ve had a blog post, so I thought I’d use my bus ride home today in order to catch you up on the daily Burns…

Well, let’s start with work. I’m currently in the midst of week four and am still very much enjoying my job. I suspect, however, that I might be driving my office mate crazy with my ceaseless questions. To his credit, he’s only not known an answer to, at most, 3 questions. In the course of almost a month I’ve had ask at least 200… so, that’s pretty impressive stat on his part.

Speaking of my office mate, he and his wife came over for dinner the other night. We had a great evening despite the fact that I served overcooked rubber steak (sheesh). See, since we don’t have a grill (it didn’t make the cross country trip) I had to resort to Alton Brown’s broiler technique. Now, I thought for sure that Alton was going to steer me in the right direction; however, the timing was all off and resulted in medium well instead of medium rare steaks. Top it off with the fact that the meat was rather tough to begin with (don’t know why, the cut looked great, but even the one that was more rare was still tough) and the whole steak was a general let down.

I’ll also have to mention for public record that we had instant mashed potatoes with dinner. This was much to my wife’s protest… however, it was more a logistical decision than anything and since I was cooking, she allowed it this time.

A final note on the food front is that Jenn made some bomb-tastic (read: yummy) roll things from scratch for dinner that night. In my opinion it was some of the best bread she’s ever made… it even looked professional.

So, enough about the food. With the Gons’ visiting we got to sit around and share life stories, which was a real blast. We both took turns telling our humorous “so how’d you get together” stories. Listening to Phil and Shanna had us laughing as they have a really great and entertaining story. I highly recommend you ask them to tell it to you some day if you have the occasion.
Of course, Jenn and I got to share our story, which is always fun. I love seeing people’s reaction when I get to the point where I ask her to marry me. Always a good time!

(changing buses)

Changing buses reminded me that the weather here, right now, is amazing. The days are in the mid to upper 50’s with the lows at night and in the morning in the lower 40’s. Since it is fall, the trees are exploding with yellow, orange, and red. It is so gorgeous to look at the hills every day and see the speckling of color all over them. The street going to our neighborhood is lined with trees for about 2 miles and it is simply amazing to drive down it this time of year.

Speaking of weather, it is funny to see the difference between Jennifer and I up here. For me, I’m in heaven. I typically wear long pants, long shirt, and a hat when I go out. Jenn, on the other hand, rarely wants to leave the house without a jacket. The funny part is that both of us project out temperature preferences on the kids. Whenever I take them out I usually think they’ll be fine with pants, long sleeves, and a hat. Jenn always want them to add a jacket. Of course, mom always wins that battle, but it makes me chuckle every time because, in reality, we don’t know how they feel. Jenn did, however, mention the other day that she is finally at the point where she trusts their judgment and if they say they are hot, then she’ll let them shed a layer.

On the church front, we’re still looking for home. This past Sunday we visited a church that sang songs from a hymnal (bonus points in my book). However, while there wasn’t anything “wrong” with the church, it just didn’t feel like home. Oh, and the church also got bonus points for the sermon title being “the warning of apostasy.” The pastor was preaching out of 1 Timothy and the text was dealing with apostasy… thus the title. I just thought it funny… I mean, only in a church that preaches verse by verse through the Bible will you ever get a sermon on apostasy. I love it!

So, this weekend we’ll be checking out another church and we’re hoping that the Lord will soon show us where “home” is.

Well, we’re nearing my stop, so that’s all for today. Until the next bus entry…

2 thoughts on “Update From the Bus

  1. On the bread, keep your eye out for a post w/pics coming soon. in the meantime: a pizza stone + the book “how to bake artisan bread in 5min/day” (except sub. whole wheat flour for all recipes) = AMAZING & EASY.

  2. Ryan, I’m loving having you in the office. It’s great to be able to bounce ideas off each other. I don’t mind the questions at all. In all fairness, I’ve been asking you my fair share of questions as well! If you do start bugging me, I’ll be sure to let you know. Remember, I’m not afraid to bring stuff up (e.g., your noisy mouse and my skyrocketing cellphone bill!). :)

    We had a blast with you guys on Saturday. The food was great, and the fellowship was sweet. We look forward to more of both together in the future.