Five days have passed since the shooting at Virginia Tech. It has been a long a draining five days. I can only assume that it has been much longer and much more draining for those closer to the situation.

At times like this I wish I had something profound to write… but words still fail me. I find that all I have done and all I can do is simply turn my heart toward Jesus and ask him to be King.

For those who might be interested, several of my fellow campus ministers went to Blacksburg on Tuesday. They simply went with the desire to be there for the students in whatever way they could. This link will take you to a record of their thoughts and observations.

Finally, I just read VT’s policy for students regarding the remainder of the semester. I must say that the administration of VT should be praised for their tireless efforts in dealing with a situation that falls into the category of “worst case unimaginable.” Even in reading something as mundane as a “policy” you can sense the genuine concern of the administration for their students.

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