Weird Dream

Unlike my heavy sleeping husband, I remember my dreams most nights. Also unlike my heavy sleeping husband I enjoy remembering them….he seems to think it’s exhausting or annoying…like, “how dare that dream interfere with my sleep?”

Anyhow, NOT the point of this post. Don’t worry though, there isn’t really a point anyway. All I wanted to say was last night i had a dream of the following (& yes, it was a pretty annoying one):

I was walking around a city in Turkey (that looked pretty much like Itaewon, in Seoul S. Korea) and went into an herb shop, where i could not for the life of me find plain cardamom. it was all either spicy cardamom or curry cardamom. when i first got to the shop i saw a bottle of it, but it was too big & expensive for my needs. but by the end i figured i’d go ahead & get that since it was the only “plain”, but it was then no where to be found. I woke up before any of it was resolved and even now i feel kinda frustrated remembering it (i still hold to the thought that i USUALLY like remembering my dreams though!).

now, keep in mind in real life, i’ve never even seen cardamom. i have no idea what it is, other than in my “Nourishing Traditions” cookbook the rice recipe calls for it. in the 3.5 years I’ve been using the cookbook, i’ve never bought cardamom. I’ve also never been to Turkey.

6 thoughts on “Weird Dream

  1. Sorry no interpretation as of yet. Maybe, I’ll sleep on it. Interesting, maybe you should she if there are any special meanings for that spice?! Like the bee hive dream. or, bee something…that God was telling you about. :)

  2. wow! that’s taking it back. ;) she’s referring to a post i wrote before my old blog & ryan’s old blog got married. Leftover Pizza or the Word of the Lord

    Now, here’s what google had to say in it’s medicinal properties (i don’t know what this means for me..uh…): Aphrodisiac, anti-obesity, and digestive aid.

  3. Perhaps, something tied in with the economy and self-control? Like how we have to make wise choices with our purchases (I mean you were looking for the PLAIN version of the herb), but still are sometimes willing to settle for something a bit “more” than we actually “need”, then by God’s grace He makes it suddenly unavailable because we didn’t really “need” it anyway. Just some thoughts…

  4. Hmmm … buy that cardamom and then make that recipe! I have dreams, but I can’t ever remember the details. Even if I wake up and think, I NEED to remember this … a few minutes later it is gone!

  5. Cool! If I have a dream that I remember the details so clearly, I find that I continue to have it until I figure it out and then I stop having it. Weird, I know. I wonder if the “searching” is about you looking for or desiring something new. Not a want for something you’ve had before, but some desire you have for a thing that is unexperienced by you. I think the herb shop is just so you since you are a real cook (TF). Turey is baffling, but again falls in line with the whole “new” thing; a place you’ve not been (and you’ve been to alot of places!). Just some random thoughts. Do you have anything that you want to do, desire or whatever? I guess we all do, but maybe there is something specific that has been on your mind recently.