In general while of course I think my kids are rather exceptional/smart, i have been around enough ‘exceptional’ kids & read enough books about parenting ect. that I realize they’re pretty normal kids. Usually. Every now and then Asher does something that makes me question his ‘normalness’. Of course, the poor kid doesn’t have a great shot at normalcy, seeing as how I’m his mom.

Today’s little ‘moment of weird’ was a little OCD action at lunch. We’re sitting here eating sandwiches, chips and dehydrated apple slices. At almost every meal he requires a napkin nearby to constantly wipe off his hands and mouth (i blame ryan for that one). Today it has gone into overdrive. He’s taking one bite of sandwich, wipes his mouth, eats one chip, wipes his mouth, takes an incredibly tiny bite of apple slice, wipes his mouth. Pause and repeat.

Though again, guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, this is all coming from the woman who chews the inside of her mouth without realizing it, but even after she notices it happening can’t stop until both sides are evenly chewed (& there are far more “things have to be even” ticks i have) & his dad “can’t” eat a sandwich without chips. Guess it’s inevitable. But hey, my mom always told me, “it’s a compliment when people call you weird.”

I suppose what’s more weird is Grace’s seeming lack of OCD tendencies. In fact, as i type she’s rubbing dehydrated fruit around her peanut butter & jelly smeared face, plate full of everything mashed & mixed together in a totally random “not paying attention to what i’m doing” fashion. Hey, at least there’s no pb&j in hair, she is getting a bit cleaner these days. ;)

3 thoughts on “Weird

  1. Wow. I chew the inside of my mouth all the time and Amy always makes fun of me. Also, I simply cannot eat a sandwich without chips. I blame my dad for ALWAYS having the Doritos out during sandwich lunches. Ridiculous but I just can’t overcome it.

  2. mmhm. ryan would rather just skip lunch than eat a sandwich sans chips. y’all are weird. ;)

  3. Um…chips IN the sandwich. Now that’s something to get excited about. :o)