Weirdness in Training

One of the regular parts of my take on the health-nut lifestyle is bone broth. I make broth about once a month. i save both beef and chicken bones (raw and cooked) keeping them & veggie scraps in ziploc bags in the freezer. Then approx. once a month I take them out to thaw, and cook ‘em up in my enormous “a 10month old baby could fit in it” stock pot for 24hrs (chicken & beef separately).

…& no, i’ve never actually PUT my babies in the pot…i just know they could’ve fit. ;)

Anyhow, I use this instead of water in pretty much any savory recipe calling for water, whether rice, soup, sauces…..lately as a mineral supplement I’ve been drinking it warmed up in a mug with a few shakes of unrefined sea salt. Grosses ryan out of course, but i’ve actually found it delicious & relaxing. So in the evening I’ll either sip on a mug of herbal tea…or chicken broth.

Asher of course has no interest in trying it, but I’ve got Grace hooked as well. She’ll drink some herbal teas as too, but those mostly only from my mug. She doesn’t go for all my oddities (yet), but i have hope that perhaps one of my kids will enjoy my experimental kitchen.

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