What to do with all that “free time”

This evening I was doing some “research” for a super secret project coming soon to the internet near you (well….might be more of a “Jesus will return soon” type of soon than a “I will be going to bed soon” kind of soon). This activity led to a few rabbit trails that have me wanting to pick up a long-lost hobby:

Crotchet. ideally, I should just learn to knit, there’s far more free patterns to download with knitting than crotchet & from what I gather, it’s easier to get a close…um…stitch (don’t know the lingo). However I’ll be impressed if i finish a sewing project, let alone learn a new skill required for the project. The upside is it is something that can be done while watching tv, so in theory I’ll get a minimum of 3hrs a week in (that’s right folks…I watch TV…take that). That would be enough. The last crochet project i took on was a long-sleeved turtle neck four-legged sweater for our “beloved” (as in, once we had child #2 we gave her away) hairless dog, Anna Banana. She hated it. I’m thinking it was due to the hind-legs being misplaced & ill-fitting. Ryan thinks it’s because dogs shouldn’t wear sweaters. Then again, dogs should probably have fur.

As usual…I digress…

If anyone in richmond knows how to knit & would like to come over & teach me during commercial breaks of House, My Name is Earl, 30 Rock &/or The Office let me know (seriously).

One thought on “What to do with all that “free time”

  1. ok, as appealing as “commercial break” learning sounds I dont think it will do much good- I think you might want to sit down and dedicate a bit more time to it especially if you are starting to knit. Knitting is not crocheting, and I’ve heard that people transitioning from crocheting to knitting have a harder time. Also, buy 10/12 sized needles to start and like cheap $2 yarn because I guarentee you will add and delete stitches (which will make whatever you are making asymmetrical).

    I’d love to show you sometime. :)