When I don’t matter, it’s easy to feel important

The past few weeks I have been studying the book of James “with” my bible study friends back in Richmond. They’re still meeting Wednesday nights at Starbucks, I just email (well…in theory…sorry Dana..).

A few days ago I was on James 4:11-17. Sort of been stuck there & today I was meditating on vs. 13-17.

I enjoy thinking about the tension between living in the here & now & appreciating it for all it’s worth & yet also being responsible to plan for the future. It’s so easy to get stuck in one or the other frame of mind. In particular I think a lot about how we get stuck trying to do or be something really great & miss out on our own private little pockets of “really great” that perhaps the rest of the world will never know about.

Vs. 14:

What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes

As Gary Thomas talks about in the book, “Sacred Parenting”, it’s actually kind of liberating to acknowledge and embrace your insignificance.

When I embrace my historical insignificance, I am set free to concentrate on very real – and eternal – relational significance. I matter to my wife. I am very important to my children. I have a secure standing as an adopted son of the Most High God. …this is where I want to spend my energy.

I am never going to receive a nobel prize for my homemaking endeavors. But I can honestly say I feel like a superstar in my home. I know my labor matters here….being in a right standing relationship with God & therefore doing and being who I was created to do and be.

That was sort of a rabbit trail from what I gathered as the main point of the section, but that’s where my mind kept wandering when trying to focus on the section.

One thought on “When I don’t matter, it’s easy to feel important

  1. I really like that idea–that historical insignificance opens the door for relational significance. Thanks for sharing.