Why I love John Calvin

If the Lord ever blesses Jennifer and I with another son, his name will be Calvin.

Today I was reading one of Calvin’s sermon on Micah 4:2-3, preached December 11th, 1550. He concludes his sermon with these amazing words… in a sermon given on a Thursday morning:

In light of this holy doctrine, let us prostrate ourselves before the face of our gracious God in acknowledgment of our sins. Let us pray that it may please God to open our eyes that we may be able to recognize his Son, who is God’s living image. And may we so acknowledge him that, in rendering him the honor which is due, we lean entirely on him, thereby demonstrating that we are truly his people. May we want only to humble ourselves before him, praying that our profession of faith, based on the Gospel, redound to our profit, that, acknowledging our sins and confessing them before his majesty, we ask only for his forgiveness in the true confidence that he will forgive us in the name of his Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. And although we are so mistrustful as to distance ourselves from God when he calls us for our own good, may it please God to sustain us, and so validate our Lord Jesus Christ’s death and passion, that we experience its fruit. And in accordance with God’s knowledge of our needs, may he increase his grace more and more within us. And my God not only grant us this grace, but grant it also to all peoples and all nations of the earth.

3 thoughts on “Why I love John Calvin

  1. The naming decision was re-solidified in class for me last week during a discussion following a student presentation about election. PLease excuse the fact that i can’t remember the actual terms used, but my prof. mentioned that Calvin did not put the ‘doctrine of election’ in with theological doctrinal…stuff….but in the pastoral section. He used that material for preaching and encouraging his flock. We tend to do just the opposite. “Hide” that wonderfully encouraging nugget of truth for the “brainy theologians”….

  2. ‘… may it please God to sustain us, and so validate our Lord Jesus Christ’s death and passion, that we experience its fruit.’

    Well said!

    I think the general reaction to Election in our societty (‘How can God choose? That’s not fair… He loves all, and I’m free!’) is further evidence of our deep depravity. We are so self-centered.

    It was for Paul an encouraging doctrine (infinitely!), and pastorally for his people to see God at work and know the work of the Trinity in their redemption — Ephesians 1:3-14. I guess I’d keep it as a ‘family secret’ in one sense, but not be ashamed to share it with all, especially believers – we should experience or taste his fruit.

    Happy studies as you finish up your semester. Running the same race.

    Because of Jesus who is The Image of God,