Why Pray?

About a month ago I (finally) finished, “If God Already Knows, Why Pray?“. My “two cents”: I am not the target audience of the book. It certainly had a lot of good, pertinent information, but honestly, I ranged from slightly interested, frustrated & ended up bored. Now, the frustration was only due to ignorance. This is slightly embarrassing, but I honestly thought it was fully going to answer the question the title laid out. To the extent that I would fully understand this side of heaven. The best thing about having read the book is I (finally) realize that the answer to that question seems to be much like the answer to the question, “what is the trinity?”. We have some thoughts & ideas but ultimately, we don’t & can’t understand it. I’m ok with that. As long as no one else fully gets it, I’m ok with “because God said to”.

So the first half of the book was pretty much saying that, in a very detailed way. Interesting & important to know, but not what i was expecting, so slightly annoying. The second half was much like other books I’ve read on prayer, basically giving inspiring examples & reasons for praying (reasons pertaining to ourselves & the outcome of prayer)…..except this guy apparently does not pray in tounges…lol. He didn’t say as much, but you get the impression… This is the section I struggled to even finish, but I realize THIS is because he seems to have been writing to Christians with a liturgical/traditional/denominational (whatever word you’d like to insert) background in the Reformed tradition that are so stuck in the idea of Providence that they don’t see the point of human effort. It was funny because in my adult christian experience, I’ve sometimes felt that people (present company included) put too much emphasis on ‘our part’, thus belittling or limiting the fact that God is the one in control & not us. That is when it dawned on me that he did not write that book for me. I do not need convincing that “God chooses to use our prayers, therefore, I need to pray”. I usually need help remembering that I personally do not dictate the world around me. I have no problem actually praying, I just thought, “awesome, I can really really know why we pray? I’m there.” Ha ha.

1Corin 13:12 “Now I know in part; then i shall know fully, even as I have been fully known.”

One thought on “Why Pray?

  1. Yeah, the book is geared much more towards those who have a much more Calvinistic background.

    Often, when people begin to encounter the issue of God’s sovereignty, they often come away with the question, “If God already knows, why pray?” For those people, this is a great book.

    Personally, that is why it was so great for me and why I have it on the recommended list. I read this book after finishing my first systematic theology class in seminary. I was overwhelmed at God’s… Godness… and was having a difficult time praying. This book helped me remember that God instructed us to pray and that is reason enough.