Wish list

If you’d like to get me a christmas present, I’d love some turtle neck sweaters. It would seem the days i wear those I’m a much happier person. It’s not even ‘technically’ all that cold here. I guess it’s the cold, wet & windy combo (though not sure how that applies since this is a problem INSIDE my home which has the thermostat set on 66 all day). I’ve been drinking hot tea a lot. Since i don’t have a teapot & have to do a pan & funnel deal to get it into my cup minus spills, the other day I brewed up 2 gallons of red raspberry leaf tea (trying to drink that everyday this week in preparation if you know what i mean. if you don’t don’t ask, you don’t want to know). So it’s in the fridge in jars & i just pour some out & heat it up vs. waiting for a new (not tea)pot to brew. This means i’m drinking MUCH more tea.

So on the sweaters, I am usually a size medium, occasionally small, but medium is a safe bet. Think we’ve already clarified that red is a no-no and browns are a yes. But don’t feel bad if you decide not to get me anything, won’t bother me a bit. Odds are good I won’t be getting you anything either. I’m a notoriously bad gift (& thank you note) giver (see #16).

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