Wooley Mammoths

A recent venture I have taken on is joining the world of wool diaper covers. The reasons listed on that article are a big reason for the switch (at least for Asher anyway). For Grace my excitement with wool is that she can wear longies which would alleviate my issue of not having pants to fit over her cloth diapers when we’re at home (for the summer she just went pants-less). Anyhow, due to the high cost of wool covers, I decided to be adventurous & make my own. I am working on a crochet cover, but seeing as how that’s probably going to take me 6mo or more, I also made some “butt sweaters” from sweaters I bought at Goodwill. It took a total of 1:45min to start & finish two pairs. I had a couple “learning curve” issues, but nothing major. It was crazy easy…I even added a drawstring waistband on Grace’s (the sweater had a hood attached) sans pattern…& i’m not naturally “crafty”. I lanolized them, hung them up to dry (this took over 24hrs btw) & used them today for the first time.

Perfect! They worked perfectly. The only problem: I was not “picky” in my choice of sweater (all i looked for was 100% wool, not the type of wool). Asher has super sensitive skin (one of the reasons i want to switch to wool is he gets red marks from the elastic..not because it is too tight, but b/c his skin just reacts to it). When I put the pants on him before naptime he said, “momma, these pants are NOT cozy. I don’t like them. They’re fuzzy.” Since that’s all he said & did not ask to actually remove them, I wanted to keep them on merely to see if they would work (cruel, i know). I did end up feeling bad for him knowing they probably itch & went to put his regular PUL cover on, but forgot I didn’t wash diapers last night & all his covers were in the hamper. So he was a trooper & kept them on all through naptime. Though he reminded me when I got him up two hours later that he “does not like these fuzzy pants”. Poor kid. Grace however, wore both hers & asher’s for most of the day & didn’t seem to mind at all. In fact, she is tucked into bed at the moment “fuzzy pants” & all. So we’ll get to see how they survive the uber-wet night. The way they worked all day for her, I expect success.

The next time I search Goodwill (which has tons of wool sweaters btw), I will be more particular in my sweater choice. If you feel bad for the poor sensitive skin kid, feel free to send him a pair of these (he’s 30lbs currently).
asherbuttsweater.jpg gracebuttsweatercrop.jpg

3 thoughts on “Wooley Mammoths

  1. I hope computer technology doesn’t change for a decade or so so that your kids can see the photos you posted and the stuff you wrote about them for international viewing! Very impressed by your sewing. And I’m glad to see Lanolin has another good function–I’ve been trying to use it instead of Neosporin and it’s just smelly and messy.

  2. it’s a great diaper rash ointment as well….but too expensive for that use imo.