World Cup is Still Lame

So I went to world cup again… mostly because I didn’t have cash on me and knew Puddin’ Heads doesn’t take plastic. So I get my oversized cup of coffee at Starbuck’s price and take a seat in a corner table. As I take out my bible to read the crowd starts to pour in and the volume reaches slightly irritating levels… the music turns to some rock/punk mix. I look across the room and see photos of some frontal nudity and I wonder to myself… is this for real? Yup… it is frontal nudity hanging on the wall. I pause to think, am I the only one who realizes that there is a naked woman on the wall? Conversations continue, children sit with their soccer-moms and play with the crumbs of thier overpriced bun cake… A VCU security officer sips his coffee while techies like myself soak up the free wi-fi… The trendy art kid with his $10 salvation army sport coat with patches on the elbows slings his $125 deisel bag over his sholder and I wonder… is this for real? What a strange parallel universe exists in World Cup. I can’t decide if I hate it or if I need to stay here longer… One thing is for sure, I gotta change seats becase the topless woman is starting to wig me out…

4 thoughts on “World Cup is Still Lame

  1. awww. oh so true . and so HILLARIOUS. but its addictive because its so close and so convenient. who can so no? (well i know us here at doz can’t , we almost support their business)

  2. The exact same type of thing happens without fail every Thursday when we start to have discipleship cell. So we’re moving locations, as I’m sure Jen has told you. Cool stuff about Latvia though.

  3. As megan mentioned, i am looking forward to moving our thursday night d-group. inevitably when we try to have discipleship group thursday nights during times when there’s some really important point being made or prayer being prayed, the music gets either really loud and annoying or really catchy and distracting. it’s so hard to complete a coherent thought in there….that and the close quarters get me all uncomfortable and self-conscious (of the group and our conversation unfortunately). all that to say that the thought did cross my mind tonight that perhaps we shouldn’t leave world cup for discipleship group…i don’t know. at least i don’t think it should be boycotted in general. as we prayed over the place…at the expense of sounding “weird”, i felt like much of the ick and annoyance of the place is spiritual and that it’s precisely the place we (christians that is) need to be. that whole, “thy kingdom come, here on earth as it is in heaven”. how’s it supposed to come to world cup if we avoid it b/c it’s uncomfortable, loud, and a litte lewd. not sure that we necessarily should have discipleship group there, but for smaller meetings and hanging out time, i think we should stick it out….and make use of the uncomfortably close quarters to meet some strangers.

  4. Ryan I absolutely love your writing style. It is interesting. I am someone who doesn’t like to read but I was addicted. You are a great writer!