You thought you could slip that one by…

Word for word conversation with asher on monday (after getting back from vacation where we visited a number of people who have dogs):

Asher: Mamma?

Me: Yes Asher?

Asher: We just need to get our dog back

Me: We don’t have a dog, so there is no dog to get back

Asher: Yes we do, she’s at the Clinch’s house

We gave our dog to Nic & Megan Clinch last fall & haven’t talked about Anna (the dog) in quite a few months…thought perhaps he had forgotten that we ever had a dog. Nice try….but no. He will probably remember for the rest of his life that we gave away the dog. Even though it happened before he was 2 & when we gave her away he was very hostile toward her & did not want her near him.

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